K7 Media provides intelligence and insight on the hottest international content trends to broadcasters, producers, distributors and advertisers.

As part of a monthly subscription package our clients get access to a suite of services that keep them fully informed on the latest trends in entertainment media, globally.

Our services include regular reports on key genres and territories, the monthly K7 Quicklist clip compilations of the hottest entertainment, scripted and digital trends alongside bespoke research.

In the fast-moving world of media, K7 can help you to stay one step ahead. Call us to discuss how.

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K7 Media is trusted by broadcasters across the world to inform them on global trends in TV and online media. Through our expert team of researchers, and our worldwide network of stringers, we equip broadcasters with the knowledge they need to make informed decisions about the content they commission.

What our clients say...

"The services offered by K7 Media serve as NRK’s principal source of news of international programming trends. The consultation, both in terms of weekly reports, monthly video showreels and the personal contact catering to our specific needs, is invaluable to us, aiding both our production and acquisition departments in their daily work."
NRK, Norway

Television Producers

With our global perspective on the hottest entertainment content, TV Producers access K7 Media’s services as part of the development process. We give producers exclusive insight into audience trends, and information on the successful international formats that are ready to be taken into new territories. We can also advise on similarities between projects in development and those already in the marketplace.

What our clients say...

"K7 Media offers invaluable information on the evolving format world. Being a customer for over 10 years, a lot of our production successes were born out of information that K7 supplied to us."
Gil Productions, Israel


In an increasingly competitive age, K7 Media’s Reports help to inform distributors on their content acquisitions. We also offer valuable overviews of international broadcasters’ schedules, helping their sales teams to target their efforts.

Digital Producers

As the worlds of TV, online and gaming collide, producers across the globe are looking to understand which content is creating the most engaging experiences for audiences. With in-house experts on digital media and gaming, K7 Media provide digital producers with insight into the latest developments in this rapidly evolving marketplace.


Today’s brands are finding exciting new ways to reach out to audiences - using branded content, apps, multi-platform campaigns - and this content is increasingly video driven. K7 Media provide advertisers with information and knowledge on what’s hot in consumer engagement.

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